Ambassador Program


What is the mission behind the LovEd Ambassador Program?

On a yearly basis, LovEd will select a group of extraordinary individuals to come together and empower each other, while also investing in their own personal growth. This is an incredible opportunity to personally work with Dr. Isabell Springer throughout the year to achieve individual goals and dreams.

The mission of the LovEd Ambassador Program is to create a community of like-minded individuals who are invested in personal growth, passionate about doing love differently, and committed to being the best version of themselves. This journey of self-care and empowerment inspires the Ambassador to be a testament to the LovEd message and live its mission.  

With the love and support of a team of individuals who are invested in your success, and with the guidance of Dr. Isabell Springer throughout the course of the year, you will experience personal transformation. You will walk away feeling powerful and capable of creating anything you want. Being victorious, and no longer being the victim of your circumstances.



No matter where you live, everyone is able to participate in this program due to the wonderful technology that makes online video-conferencing accessible and free. Although there is no fee to participate, this extraordinary journey is reserved for those who are "ready to play big" in their lives.

This journey is constructed as "a game" where every member is part of a team. Each team is made up of twelve Ambassadors, one of which designated as a LovEd Leader who will lead their team to victory. Each team member must reside in the same location as the LovEd Leader, as all members will be required to connect in person to support one another.

The way to ensure you win the game (i.e. achieve your goal) is to have each member be paired up with a different buddy (another teammate) each month where both are accountable for each other's success. Every member of the team will have worked with one another in achieving their stated goals, and each member must win at their own "game" in order for the team to win. 

Each LovEd Team Leader will report on bi-weekly Coaching Calls with Dr. Isabell Springer. They will be sharing breakthroughs created within their group, how their buddy-system is working, and any questions/breakdowns they would like to submit for discussion.

The calls will be on the same days and times, and all calls will be posted on the Ambassador Page the following day for those who may have missed the call and wish to listen to the rebroadcast.


What does it mean to be A LovEd Ambassador?

As a LovEd Ambassador, you are not only a role model for playing big in life, you are someone who inspires others by embodying the LovEd message and mission.

As a member of a private LovEd online group, you receive "daily tasks" that consist of sharing LovEd's posts on your social platforms and engaging on ours. An example of a daily task could be: promoting a LovEd Facebook Live Event, providing feedback on a blog post, or inviting others to join the LovEd Community.

And then, on several days of the week, daily tasks will be focused on your personal growth. These will be personal challenges that will help you grow and further achieve your goal. 


In order to qualify for our LovEd Ambassador Program, you must:

  • Be a person of integrity who stays true to your word;

  • Have regular access to a computer/smart phone with internet connection; 

  • Have an active social media profile (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube);

  • Follow LovEd on all social media accounts;

  • Be willing to learn, grow and be coachable;

  • Monitor daily tasks on the group page and respond to all correspondence in a timely manner.


What PERKS do I get AS a LovEd Ambassador?

Over the course of one year, you will: 

  • Be part of a community that’s passionate about personal growth and improving people’s lives;

  • Have direct contact with Dr. Isabell Springer and the LovEd team;

  • Be first in line to get involved in any new product development process;

  • Have access to our powerful curriculum at no cost.


Application submissions will be accepted starting Dec 7th and the deadline for all submissions is Dec 31st at Midnight (EST).

The first week of December, the dates and times of the monthly calls for the upcoming year's Ambassador Program will be posted.

The first week of January, LovEd will review all application submissions.

The second week of January, each Team Leader will be contacted by email to confirm their application has been approved, and all members will be invited to the LovEd Ambassadors private group page.

The third week of January, all LovEd Leaders will post a one-minute video announcing the name of their team, the first names of their team members, what city they are each from, and declaring that they are ready to begin.

* Please note that each Ambassador will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The Ambassador Program lasts for 12 months and LovEd reserves the right to terminate a member or team that does not adhere to its requirements. 


Are you ready for the Olympics of personal growth?

If you are considering becoming a LovEd Ambassador, please let us know today by subscribing to our website. Shoot us a message through our contact page expressing your interest and including any questions you might have.