LoveLetters - Issue 1


January 2018

Welcome to LoveLetters, a monthly roundup of upcoming events,  inspiring ideas and products we love. Our goal is to produce an issue of our newsletter towards the end of each month that will provide an overview of what we've been up to at LovEd and what we're loving lately. 

In spirit of the new year, we at LovEd have decided to really step up our game. We're determined to deliver an increased amount of content, more high quality products and an array of brand new services to our clientele.

We're also doing monthly Facebook Live events where you can learn from me, Dr. Isabell Springer, and ask me any questions your heart desires. 

I'm so excited for the new year and everything we've got coming your way!


BE THE 5 Segment: 

LovEd's Clarity Program teaches us how to be a level 5 on the Emotional Maturity (EM) Scale. Each month, we feature someone who has inspired us with their high level of EM, meaning they've chosen not to take things personally, respond reactively or approach the situation in a way that contributes to the problem. 

Our inspiration this month is Sarah Silverman. When someone started trolling her twitter account, Sarah approached the situation with maturity and compassion instead of anger and negativity. Not only was she able to disarm this man's aggressiveness, but she also managed to encourage others to come together and support his healing. 



Taking stock of what we're grateful for is a wonderful way to check in and be mindful of the small victories and positive moments in our day to day lives. This month, we polled our staff to find out what everyone's grateful for.

Here's what they all came up with: 

  • New beginnings and fresh starts
  • Reunions with friends and loved ones
  • Team members for their unwavering commitment
  • Authentic conversations with my 18-year-old son about relationships
  • Brave clients and their trustworthiness
  • People who can show up and support their loved ones in times of need
  • Deep, profound conversations and connections
  • Songs that mirror how I feel inside
  • Empathy, kindness and support in friendships and relationships
  • Curiosity, learning and evolving



Visit LovEd Loves for more book recommendations. 



  • The article "How We Get Stuckby Shannon Leigh describes five very real, very common reasons you may find yourself stuck over a past love affair ; 
  • The word Sonder (noun) describes the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own; 
  • Kesha's Grammy performance featuring Cyndi Lauper, Camila Cabello, Andra Day, Julia Michaels and Bebe Rexha and the Resistance Revival Chorus; 
  • The Women's March returned for its second year on this past 20th of January, where hundreds of thousands of women rallied and protested across various countries in the world. 

Wishing you all a wonderful month ahead! Feel free to show us some love by liking and sharing our blog post, or leave us a love note at the bottom on the page. 

You are LovEd ,

Dr. Isabell Springer
& The LovEd Team