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September 2018

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Our Ambassador Program is in full swing. The mission of the Program is to create a community of like-minded individuals who are invested in personal growth, passionate about doing love differently, and committed to being the best version of themselves. If you're interested in applying for next year's journey, you can follow this link to find out more. We've also launched our brand new Salon for Singles promo video! Head on over to the Salon for Singles page and take a peek and what we've been brewing up these past few months. 

Once a week for the next month, we'll be releasing an article for our "Decisions Under Infatuation" Series!

A Decision Under Infatuation (or DUI for short), is what happens when we make a life-changing commitment to a partner while still in the stage of Infatuation. We may know the person as well as we can for the short time span, but it’s not until the Infatuation stage is finished (past the first year) that we really begin to learn who someone is.

We’ll release an article every week that will touch upon a topic having to do with DUIs, so make sure to check out our blog regularly during the month and let us know what you think!

Wishing you all a wonderful month of October! 


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BE THE 5 Segment: 

LovEd's Clarity Program teaches us how to be a level 5 on the Emotional Maturity (EM) Scale. Each month, we feature someone who has inspired us with their high level of EM, meaning they've chosen not to take things personally, respond reactively or approach the situation in a way that contributes to the problem. 

This month, we're featuring a brave woman named Debbie Baigrie. Twenty-seven years ago, three boys approached Debbie from behind. The one holding the gun was thirteen-year-old Ian Manuel. In an instant, the gun accidentally fired and Baigrie was shot through the back of her head. All the teeth on the bottom left side of her jaw had been blown out by the bullet, but luckily she did not sustain a traumatic brain injury.

Manuel was picked up on other charges not long after and confessed to the shooting. He was charged with attempted murder, armed robbery and attempted armed robbery; he was also tried and sentenced as an adult and was given life without parole. Baigrie was astonished that her shooter was only a child, and didn't feel as though the punishment was appropriate for the crime.

“I didn’t consciously forgive him. It was just over time, when I got through my trauma.”

Shortly after he was incarcerated, Manuel started writing to Baigrie to apologize for shooting her and to wish her well. Baigrie allowed Manuel to continue writing her letters through his prison term, and they continued to communicate for the next fifteen years.

After almost thirty years in prison, about two-thirds of which spent in solitary confinement, Manuel was released. He had his first meal with Baigrie. "I’m not saying he wasn’t responsible for his actions," says Baigrie. "But when you’re 13, you should be given the opportunity to change, to grow." Watch the video below and learn more about how Debbie Baigrie perfectly encapsulates a high level of emotional maturity.

Thanks for being the 5 Debbie! 



Here are some of our favorite online resources in the realm of self-help and personal growth (all photos courtesy of each individual’s website).  


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It’s important to remember that celebrities are people too and that we shouldn’t place them on a pedestal because they’re famous. The truth is, they’re just as likely as anyone else to make mistakes in love. A DUI occurs when we make a life-changing commitment to our partner while still in the stage of Infatuation. Infatuation can last up to a year, and sometimes even longer.

Our brand new segment takes a look at celebrities committing DUIs and starts a much-needed conversation in hopes of helping everyone do love differently. To discover what our recent DUI segment is about, click here



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