Hello Dears Podcast




Because we don’t need fixing, we need healing. Hosted by Isabell and David, this podcast answers all your questions on love, relationships, and personal growth. It’s time to be inspired and do love differently.

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Meet the Hosts




Hi, I’m Dr. Isabell Springer and I’m a marriage and relationship therapist. I’ve been presenting life-changing personal-growth programs to thousands throughout the past decade. I believe, when we have the courage for self-inquiry and a willingness to grow, we can heal ourselves and become the people we were meant to be.  “Hello Dears” is a safe place to discover what’s really going on. With each episode, you will experience my passion for helping you learn to love yourself and others.



Hi, I’m David Traub and I’m a trainer, teacher, and life coach. For over 20 years, I’ve been empowering people to create the life of their dreams. I am passionate about helping people discover -- or remember -- how powerful and loving they are. My purpose is to remind my people that they are far greater than any circumstance, and, with patience, they can create anything. Tune in to “Hello Dears” and witness my extraordinary ability to connect and inspire people to transform their lives.