Meet Isabell

game changeR. TRUTH TELLER. people lover.


Hi. I’m Isabell. I am a marriage and relationship therapist practicing in Los Angeles, and I have spent the past decade educating, empowering and revolutionizing the way we love ourselves and others.

I am the founder of LovEd, an innovative personal-growth company presenting a new model for love. I believe when people have the courage to heal themselves they can become the people they were meant to be and the partners they are searching for.

I was married for eighteen years and became the mother of a wonderful son, but it wasn’t until the end of this relationship that I discovered my life’s purpose. I grew up in a family that was not intact, so when it came to love, I vowed to be smarter than my parents - but with all my degree wallpaper and countless checklists - nothing was going to save me.

In 2007, like millions, I became one more shitty divorce statistic. But, there was something going on inside me, beyond my devastation, depression, and despair…I was pissed! And as far as I was concerned - no one was getting out of here alive until I got answers. Answers for why yet another relationship had to end.

I wasn’t prepared to give up on love - so I just needed to figure out why some people have great relationships - while the majority of us do not. And after months of obsessively researching the topic of love - there it was - right there on my computer screen - the answer to my burning question. It blew my mind!

I started sharing my discovery with thousands of people, many who felt bitter or resigned about love and were now on dating apps, more discouraged and disconnected than ever. It blew their mind as well. And I soon realized this discovery would forever change the way we love.

As I began to get clear on my past relationships - I became acutely aware that so many of us are stuck and settling. And we cope with our unhealthy relationships by numbing ourselves with: drugs, food, shopping, alcohol, porn, video games – you name it. This eventually leads to self-abandonment and self-hate.

I also began to see that, for those who grew up in dysfunction childhoods where emotional needs were not met - the need to feel safe, secure and loved – the heartbreak and pain experienced in relationships, was just more "proof" we are unworthy of love. And this is how we stay in unfulfilling and unhealthy love relationships, hustling for love, and believing there is something intrinsically wrong with us.

I got a little secret for you. There’s nothing wrong with us! We’re all just growing up in a culture that doesn’t value the knowledge, skills and healing that is required for successful relationships. So, we take a “trial and error” approach to love, and the odds are not in our favor. But we’re better than that! We deserve satisfying and fulfilling love relationships and we are not settling for anything less.

Love is the most important thing in the world. So, how is it that we’re living in one of the most advanced nations - yet millions of people are living entire lifetimes without ever truly loving themselves or feeling loved and accepted by a partner? This makes no sense, and it’s not going to continue, not while I have a breath left in my body. I am here to change the game, and nothing’s going to stop me.