My (Secret) Dating Game


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Our live singles event takes a different spin on the old 70s television show by empowering the audience to select who wins a lunch date based on each contestant’s level of emotional maturity, vulnerability, and self-awareness as demonstrated in their answers. Twice a month we are getting offline and going to see who they really are - beyond the profile. We can all swipe right to that!




On one Friday night a month, we’ll be offering 3 rounds of My (Secret) Dating Game, each with a unique demographic: 30-39, 40-49, and 50+. While enjoying a refreshing beverage, you’ll be actively listening and voting as our bachelors and bachelorettes dig deep for answers to thought-provoking questions. Each game will feature a special guest who has been pre-selected, and who will be asking the questions. We will be randomly selecting 3 contestants from our awesome audience. The chosen contestants cannot see their potential date - they can only hear the questions that are asked of them. Together, we peel back the layers.

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We are all on a personal growth journey (albeit, some a bit slower than others). My (Secret) Dating Game is a different kind of social event designed to help us connect differently and become the amazing partners we’ve been searching for. Our participants and audience members alike benefit from listening to meaningful questions asked along their equally inspiring answers. My (Secret) Dating Game is an opportunity to learn and grow while connecting with other like-minded singles. So, if you’re single and 30 or older, this fun and interactive evening out is for you.



Through the use of an anonymous live polling app, our audience members decide which of our 3 contestants gets their vote. Our audience is casting their vote in support of the contestant whom they felt the most touched, moved and inspired by, based on the answers given. Remember: we’re not voting based on physical appearance; we’re looking for self-awareness, vulnerability, and emotional maturity. An anonymous majority vote from our audience determines who wins a lunch date with our special guest. So, whether you’re a contestant or a member of our audience, everyone participates. Plus, for the cost of your admission to the event, you get to stay and dance the night away with a community of like-minded new friends.


My (Secret) Dating Game launches on Friday, Sept. 13th for Straight Singles 30+ in Santa Monica, California.

My (Secret) Dating Game launches on Friday, Sept 27th for LGBTQ Singles 30+ in Santa Monica, California.

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