Clarity offers us an invaluable gift of understanding. It is only when we can make sense of the reasons why something hasn’t worked for us, that we are finally able to evoke effective and positive changes in our lives. When we unearth our past patterns, we are able to meet them with self-awareness and foster emotional growth. Clarity teaches us the common roadblocks to love, and shows us how to begin shifting our paths and adjusting our sails. The more connected we are with ourselves, the better equipped we will be to foster healthy, genuine connections with others. This program provides the tools we need to finally change our stories into the ones that we want and deserve. We are better than this “trial and error” approach. We now have Clarity, the new model for love.



We are all striving for something. We each have our own vision of a well-lived life, full of love and happiness. When we are confident, we have the courage to seek out what we know we deserve, and no longer tolerate situations that don’t honor who we are and what we desire. So many lack that authentic confidence, and we’re not quite sure how to create it. Some people believe that confidence can be built with affirmations and positive thinking, but that’s not quite how it works. In the Confidence program we learn that true confidence comes from deep within us. This program will not only equip us with the roadmap, but it will also provide us with the tools required for navigating the journey to an enriching, more confident life.





If we can’t express our feelings, emotions, opinions and ideas to our significant other, then our relationship is unable to foster the experiences of shared vulnerability and mutual understanding necessary to tackle life’s problems as a team. The Communication program curates a feeling of understanding, compassion and support for your mutual journey. With enhanced communication skills, we can increase our capacity to clearly and eloquently convey our thoughts and feelings. In return, we facilitate our interactions within our own lives, as well as within our partnerships.