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SALON FOR SINGLES IS A DIFFERENT KIND OF SOCIAL EVENT Designed to HELP US connect differently and become the amazing partners we've been searching for.


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In today’s world, everyone is online and yet it’s harder than ever to meet new people.
We don’t even know our neighbors anymore. Yet we crave real closeness, connection and community.

With the Salon for Singles experience, we gain knowledge, tools and distinctions about relationships and personal development. We're not just putting ourselves out there, we're also learning and growing with others. We have the opportunity to meet people who are also invested in how to be a great partner and and in fostering healthy relationships with others.

It’s time to connect differently. 

Call us old-school, but there’s no substitute for a face to face connection.

Chemistry is important, but it’s about discovering who they really are - beyond the profile. It’s about getting clear on what to look for and what to avoid.

We can all swipe right to that.

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An evening out with new friends, great food and meaningful conversations. But unlike online apps or those speed dating events, there’s no matchmaking or algorithms here.

We're here to explore connection in a whole new way. With people who are living life authentically and are willing to be vulnerable and real, straight from the get-go.

Our revolutionary approach is a no-brainer. We took something we all seek and need, and packaged it up into a meaningful and unique opportunity.

Ultimately, when the fun is done and we're back home, we'll have the tools to help us achieve the satisfying and fulfilling love relationships we want, living our lives authentically and the bonus of a community of new friends. 

It's a win-win.  

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  • Realizing people are not who they say they are

  • Awkward conversations that go nowhere

  • Ghosting or getting ghosted

  • Lying, deception, manipulation

  • Creepy messages or mean replies

  • Endless texts and emails

  • Games, personas, rules and cliches

  • Matching simply based on a photo

  • Feeling unsure and unsafe on a date

  • Lack of opportunities to meet new people

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Here at LovEd, we've been presenting our life-changing programs to thousands. And over the past ten years, the most recurring question asked at the end of our presentations was "Where can I meet someone who also values the New Model for Love?" 

Our goal was to fill a need. The answer is LovEd's Salon for Singles.

We've taken our powerful curriculum and created three unique evening events: Clarity, Confidence and Communication. Each event is also divided into three exciting parts: 

Part 1: Discover

In the first hour, while enjoying drinks and delicious Hors d'oeuvres, guests experience one of our transformational programs presented live by salonniere, Dr. Isabell Springer. Isabell is a Marriage and Relationship Therapist in Los Angeles and the founder of LovEd. Guests interact, answer questions anonymously with the use of live-polling, watch demonstrations and learn with other participants in a fun, interactive way.

Part 2: Relate

In the second hour, attendees have an opportunity to meet each invited guest. It's during this segment of the evening that guests feel a greater connection with others through the their new awareness, skills and knowledge gained from the earlier program. This is where the transformation begins. We create a safe, inclusive atmosphere to ensure that everyone feels comfortable trying on their new experience (everyone’s favorite segment).

Part 3: Engage

The third portion of the evening is time for guests to celebrate what they've just learned with the new friends they've made! This is an exciting opportunity for everyone to mix and mingle while enjoying desserts, cocktails, dancing, and a commemorative photo booth. One lucky attendee will also have a chance to win our raffle prize.

Plus: Guests who participate in any of the three Salon for Singles events are invited to meet up and further connect in our private Facebook Group.

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Ticket cost for the event includes:

  • Live program presented by salonniere, Dr. Isabell Springer

  • Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres

  • An engaging group activity

  • Delicious desserts and coffee bar

  • Great music and dancing

  • Real conversations

  • Fun photo booth

Once your application has been submitted and processed, you will receive our EventBrite link, through which your ticket can be purchased.  

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All submissions will receive an email confirming receipt of their application. Applicants will then be notified when the event is announced that best fits their submission criteria.  That notification email will contain additional details, logistics and a link to securely purchase your Salon for Singles event ticket.

LovEd is an inclusive organization that is honored to serve several markets. Our selection process is only geared towards producing the most successful event based on the pool of applicants at any given time.

Please note that all information provided in the submission form below will remain confidential and only accessed by the LovEd Team. Names of our guests will not be published prior to the evening's event. 

Please email us with any questions/concerns you may have.

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