Clarity Testimonials

Here's what people are saying about the Clarity Program:



I really enjoyed that Dr. Springer’s approach involved self-awareness, the positivity of sex, inclusivity, and showing that we are not alone in our experiences. I found myself completely engaged as the information she shared enlightened my mind. Like a light bulb came on. And with Dr. Springer’s warm and welcoming personality... wow...I was left feeling informed, encouraged, and totally intrigued!

Dominique (Ferndale, MI) 



Even if you think your relationships to be on track, I highly recommend watching Clarity. Just because things are going well doesn't mean they can't be even better. Dr. Springer helped my spouse and I reaffirm not only why we are together, but enabled us to grow even closer by recognizing just what we were doing right and what we could do better. It gave both of us confidence and clarity moving forward.

— Doug (Gainesville, FL) 

jai maa .jpg


After experiencing Clarity, I was astonished by how simply Isabell was able to pinpoint why I was unhappy in my current relationship. This program was nothing short of genius, and I have not settled for a ‘maybe this could work’ relationship since. The realizations I gained in Clarity inspired me to courageously take a look at, work on, and heal the part of me that would ever compromise myself in the first place. Not only did I connect with the self- respect to choose healthier relationships, but I also stopped settling for less-than-the-best in my career life! I recommend Clarity to anyone who is ready for a grounded wake-up call to creating a more fulfilling life.

— Jai Maa (Gainesville, FL) 



I was blown away by Clarity. Dr. Springer was able to do for me what no other has done… give clarity to an otherwise abstract world of love relationships. I think most of us out there just kind of stumble our way through love. Sometimes it accidentally works but for many it doesn't, and so the cycle of broken hearts continue. I am in awe of her ability to connect and guide each of us to a place in which we no longer settling for less than we deserved and giving us the tools we need to invite greatness into our lives.

— Jeanne (Nashville, Tenn.)